Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Words N Music One!

Howdy.  This is about music and writing and air and anything else I want.... but the focus is on music.  What part of the musical spectrum depends on what I'm into at the moment.  It might be a really good recording of Mozart or Disturbed or Lacuna Coil or Pat Benatar or... right now I'm really appreciating Brittany Kusserow: Old mind young person deep thoughts exquisite acoustic uh, folkie?  More on that will follow, I can promise.

 I've listened to music for over half a century, all kinds.  My taste is my own; I will describe and point and you can check it out and see what your impression is.  You're welcome to sent me a note -  I may or may not put it on here and I may or may not answer it.  All rights are reserved for material I write and publish here.

  In case you're wondering, my nationality is American, the name is Dutch and is a poetic-license takeoff on being a quarter Dutch; it's a pseudonym.

  Good vibes to ya.


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