Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Chance of '08/Amel Larrioux

31 December 2008

General Specifics

 This is my last chance to put any actual review content in here before the year change (CLUNK) and if anyone is checking it out, possibly the only chance I'll have to prove I can write something worthwhile in a reasonably intelligent manner. No pressure!

 My music collection is largely CD-based. I download and listen to MP3s (running about an 8 GB iTunes folder currently), but if I'm impressed enough to keep listening and buy someone's tunes, I'll want the best file quality possible and that would be the original AIFF (CD) form. And sometimes I've found some sweet work in a thrift shop or used CD store that I wasn't expecting and often didn't know about before. Serendipity and all that. Of course, you have to be prepared for a few stinkers too.

  So – I will be discussing the work of each artist that I personally own, or members of my family do, or that I've listened to otherwise enough to form a clear opinion. Once I hear a particular singer/songwriter/group I tend to follow up, learn about them and their other “product” and decide what I think and what I can share.

 First Up: Amel Larrioux grew up in Greenwich Village (New York, not England) of artistic parents and developed as a singer, a songwriter and a person with many influences to draw on. For a time she was part of Groove Theory (the 90s incarnation). The CD I found at a thrift shop, “Infinite Possibilities”, was her first solo after GT. It is, IMHO, avant-garde blues-jazz that is eminently accessible to anyone listening with an open heart.
 Amel examines, sympathizes and revels in her blackness (she is biracial) as being her, but she NEVER does anything to fit a stereotype – anyone's stereotype. She is a free spirit. She can redefine what “Soul” is between any two songs, say Sweet Misery and Searchin' For My Soul, sound ethereally tribal on Shine, philosophical on Weather and have tears running down your face for the joy and beauty of Make Me Whole. Amel is like no one else; Amel is Amel, an artist true.

 Links: redirects to

 Article found here on her with some info: (I disagree with the rating vehemently);_ylt=Aqu.xkDq.2clAT7hw0HzAuoJGbgF

 Infinite Possibilities is on Epic Records, 550 Music, Sony/BMG Music Entertainment.

Songs on Infinite Possibilities:

Get Up  
Sweet Misery  
Searchin' for My Soul  
Even If  
Infinite Possibilities  
Make Me Whole  

 Other albums:

 Lovely Standards

 Sounds like her husband Laru is a fortunate man. When I listen to Amel, I feel fortunate too.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Words N Music One!

Howdy.  This is about music and writing and air and anything else I want.... but the focus is on music.  What part of the musical spectrum depends on what I'm into at the moment.  It might be a really good recording of Mozart or Disturbed or Lacuna Coil or Pat Benatar or... right now I'm really appreciating Brittany Kusserow: Old mind young person deep thoughts exquisite acoustic uh, folkie?  More on that will follow, I can promise.

 I've listened to music for over half a century, all kinds.  My taste is my own; I will describe and point and you can check it out and see what your impression is.  You're welcome to sent me a note -  I may or may not put it on here and I may or may not answer it.  All rights are reserved for material I write and publish here.

  In case you're wondering, my nationality is American, the name is Dutch and is a poetic-license takeoff on being a quarter Dutch; it's a pseudonym.

  Good vibes to ya.